ECI Communication Plan, introduced during the MP Assembly Elections 2009, proved to be immensely useful to all stakeholders, after being Rolled-Out nationally during the Lok Sabha Election 2009

ComET version 3.0 is an extension of this Communication Plan, to enable better management of “Contacts’ Concurrency”, “Polling Personnel and Party”, “Observer Functioning” & “Poll Day Tracking of the Polling Stations”.

ComET version 3.0 leverages the acceleration in Mobile Density in the country and 3G spectrum based convergence of Voice, Video, Data, Messaging, Conferencing, GIS/GPS and wireless internet. Short Message Service (SMS) is being extensively used for Tracking of the Election Process whereas MMS/ Video Streaming has been positioned to collect Images taken from Outside of the Polling Stations.

ComET version 3.0 shall specifically look into the management of:
Concurrency of Contacts

Polling Personnel Training

Polling Team Movement, Material Despatch & Collection.

Observer logistics and Statutory, Exceptions & MCC Reporting

Template based SMS from the Polling Stations by the BLOs on pre-defined milestones, on the Poll day, and their automated handling including generation of systemic Alerts.

Auto generation of MIS

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